La vie aux Diablerets, 1 january 2011

Hi everyone!
Amongst other stuff, I'm gonna write on this blogg what kind of exercises I do and how long time it takes, to see my progress until the 6th of August 2011.

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Started running: Bar d'Ormonan.
Stopped running: Dr. Fehr.
Temperature: -6,5.

I wish you all an amazing 2011!
Hugs from me

Les Diablerets, 22 mai 2010

Now I'm in the wonderful Les Diablerets, the place where everything and nothing happens. :) A very fun place to be at with the most amazing people!
I came here the 1st of December 2009, was skiing every day until the 19th of January, when I turned my knee and broked a crossed ligament and the interior ligament in my knee. I stayed here, had an operation, a lot of rehabilitation and baking cookies until the middle of April. The day before I was gonna go back to Sweden I made a phone call for a work position, had an interview with the boss, and got the job! So after 16 days in Sweden I made my way back to the amazing place of Les Diablerets, Vaud, Switzerland, Europe, Tellus!
I'm working as a cable car driver at the Glacier3000. for you who are interested. It's a nice job with funny guests and just crazy and amazing personnel. :)
From where I staying to work it's about 6 km and almost 400 altitude metres. Normally I go with someone who's working either on the Glacier or in Gstaad. But today I walked by foot instead!
My morning walk started at 6h23 and pain in my left leg for the first half an hour. But as I thought the pain disappeared when I came to the soft ground. And then it was just walking and walking, pretty quickly cause I felt like I was a bit late. At 7h11 I came to a sign that says Col du Pillon (where I start my work in the mornings) 1h 10 min. When I walked this way another time it took more than the estimated time. But this time it took only 42 min!! So at 07h53 I reached my goal. I didn't think I would arrive before 8h00 but I did, so I was kinda proud of myself. Then I could sit and take a break, eat breakfast and chat a bit with the people who are going up to the top at 8h00. I really enjoyed this walk! It's an amazing way to start the day! And yes, the weather was on my side, the rest of the day too. Sunshine, barely no wind and just amazing! I spent quite a lot of minutes lying on a bench in the sun today. Good work I have! :)
It's soon time to go to bed, cause tomorrow I'm doing my morning walk to work again! I hope I can avoid the pain in my leg then.
Bis später!
Big hugs from me!

La Corse, 2 octobre

Salut tout le monde!

I’ve now booked some of my flight tickets home. I will come to Sweden the 18th of October. That makes it just a little more than two weeks left here on Corsica. Actually, I’m looking forward to go home. 4 months on Corsica is enough for me. And then it’s not a long time left until I’ll go to Switzerland!!! Miss y’all over there!!

Two days ago I did something that has been some of the best I’ve done on Corsica, I went biking to Galéria. First there were two guys from the staff here who were gonna go too but they in the morning when we were supposed to go they didn’t wanna wake up. So I went at 8:15 by myself south along the coast. That way was just AMAZING! Quiet – almost no cars and no people, peaceful, calm, beautiful nature, small narrow turning roads, not too warm and just wonderful! It was just me and the nature and I love that feeling! So far from being in a big city…
In Galéria I wanted to paddle kayak on the Fango river but that place had already closed for the season, but after I went swimming in Fango instead I paddled kayak on the Mediterranean Sea. Just me and a kayak in the middle of the ocean. :) I thought there were too many and too high waves at first but then I got used to it. I was out there for about an hour. The man who I rented the kayak from asked me “Tu viens de quel region?” I answered “La Suède.” And then he said “Ah, tu parles très bien francais!” I guess that he at first thought that I was French. It’s very cool but at the same time weird that they don’t here that I’m not from France. :) I also had 2 ice creams in Galéria, one Solero Smoothie, very good! And then a Magnum Classic, chocolate is always good.
On the way back to Calvi I wanted to go another way, inside the country. The kayak-man said that there was a Col there so I knew it would be hard. I asked him if it was long and tough and he said “Tu arrive…” But it didn’t seem that I would do more than that. But I took that road anyway and there were some small slopes and than I saw it, Col de Marsulino. It was the longest and hardest/slowest (trögaste) uphill slope I’ve ever been bicycling in. But finally I made it all the way up to the top at 443 meters above sea level! On the way down it was very nice, but cold! It took 10 minutes to go down about 400 altitude meters! Then I came back to the hotel at 19:45.
Pictures will come later.
It took about two and a half hour each way with the bike, in my calm speed. :) And it was around 70 km altogether! No, I didn't have "exercising pain" in my legs the day after.
I’m so happy that I did this trip cause it was a very fun and beautiful trip, AMAZING!

Now I definitely have an apartment in Les Diablerets, finally. It seems to be very cosy with two floors. The rent is high but that’s life...
There is place for four persons there so maybe there will come some people to visit me during the winter! Ask me if you want to come! :)

Take care all of YOU!
Hugs to YOU!

La Corse, 21 septembre

Salut tout le monde!

Half a year, that's WAY to much!!! I really hope it won't ever be that long again! :)

Last year my parents were here so I had a luxurous week, but very unhealthy. But that's gonna change now. About one month left here, one month of exercising, eating healthy food and just feel good! The result's gotta be really good, I can imagine...

For each day that goes, there is one day less until I'll go to SWITZERLAND!

Harbour now and then bed!
Take care!
Miss U!

La Corse, 11 septembre

Hello everybody!

Today it's 8 years ago since the disaster of World Trade Center. 8 years! Time pasts so fast... But for the moment that's good!

Well, not more sad things now. My parents will come tomorrow. They're gonna stay here for a week. Each time they have visited me abroad where I've been working it has been the week with the worst weather during the whole season. So I'm not expecting anything else than rainy, windy and cold. But it's gotta change some time... Let's see.

Yesterday I went Canyoning again! Really fun!! It was about 15 degrees in the water so we were wearing long wetsuits this time. It was a bit cold anyway. You feel a bit not good-looking when you're wearing these long ones, and it feels pretty weird to walk in them but, that's cool. :) And as always it's nice to talk to the guide on the way back and get to know how they live. :) This is how I look in wetsuit, plastic diaper and helmet!

I'm trying to find some place to stay in Diablerets but it's pretty hard. So if someone has any idea, please let me know. I'm so excited to be there for the whole season and work with these AMAZING people! Special hugs to you guys!!!

Good night! Time to sleep for me now. A long and fun day is waiting tomorrow, the transfer day of Saturday!
Take care!

La Corse, 2 septembre


My life is going very much up and down right now. First I'm soo happy!! And then I get some VERY sad news, and I realise even more how lucky I am in my life.

Yesterday I didn't do the dishes in the middle of the day so they were still there in the evening. I was very tired and didn't really want to do them. But I said to myself: "Emma, think about how happy you are now, and that it's just AMAZING! And then think how other people feel. So don't complain!" Then I just did the dishes without any problems.

Cause after all I now feel like the happiest girl in the world and nothing's ever gonna change that!!!

R.I.P. Dom!

Miss YOU loads!!
Hugs from little me

La Corse, 31 août

Such a great day! Running, muscle training, walking and the BEST of all: phone talking! Some people in the world makes me so happy when I talk to them! I just miss them a lot!!!!
I wanna go to Switzerland NOW!! I don't wanna wait anymore...

Big hugs to YOU from me!

La Corse, 29 août

Hi everyone!

I'm fed up with the hot weather here on Corsica. It's so hart to go running in the middle of the day, it's more a fight against the lack of water than good exercising. So yesterday I found out a very good way to "tease" the heat. :) Waking up at 5 o'clock in the morning and go running! Then either work directly after or go to sleep for another hour before work. And then I can sleep in the middle of the day when I think it's too hot to be outside. Don't you also like this idea? ;) So off I went, 5 am, this morning to go out in the "only" 25-degrees weather. It was still dark so I brought my headlamp. Unfourtunately the batteries were almost done so I coudln't run my usual trip, the one I used rto run in the middle of the day. So I went to the harbour and then along the beach. It was pretty dark at the beach but it worked anyway, and I didn't get wet. :) After I came back to the hotel I took a shower and then started to work at 6:30. It was a really nice start of my day. So I will countinue this for a while, running at 5 o'clock in the morning.
If anyone thinks this is a bad way of exercising, go running when you haven't eaten for about 12 hours and then not eat until two hours after the trip, please tell me. Cause I've heard that some people says that it's not good, and some people are doing it and they feel fine. I'm thankful for all the help I can get when it comes to exercising and other stuff that you do in life. :)

Time to recharge my batteries so I can go running more in the forest tomorrow.

Soon time to go to bed. Believe it or not, but I turned the lights off at 9:30 last night, probably record for this summer. It's soooo nice to go to bed early and then wake up early, I like that kind of life. Sometimes I work until 10:30 pm though, but that's life, and that's just for 2 months more!

I can't upload any pictures today cause I'm not using my own computer.

I soo wanna start counting the days until I'll go to Switzerland but I haven't booked the flight ticket yet so I can't. When will I go? Any suggestions? :)

Good night! It's 8:06 pm and almost sleeping time for me.

Have A Nice Day Tomorrow!

Big hugs from me

La Corse, 26 août


Last Friday the staff here at Hôtel Méditerranée went out for a few hours to do some activities together. First we climbed and then we went on a walk with questions along the way, so called Tipspromenad. The climbing was really fun, I really liked it! I had never done that before but I would like to do it more. The Tipspromenad was pretty difficult, but I won first price! I won a photo frame with two photos of me and then about 100 more photos from that day. I was very happy about the price!

Yesterday I went climbing Via Ferrata, it's when you climb and you fasten yourself all the time and you climp by holding onto metall things that are stuck in the mountain. I think I ad too high expectations or it was too easy for me cause I thought I would like it more than I actually did. But it was fun! Unfourtunately the hard one was closed due to thunder storms warning. On the way down from the top, we went Tyrotreking. It's a so called linbana (aerial cableway). It went pretty fast, high above the fround, there were quite a lot of them and they were pretty long so I really liked it!!!! Very fun! When we came down I went swimming in the melt water! So nice!! Cold and sweet water!! :) At the end of the day we went up to the start of Monte Cinto. Along the way there were some cows and calves that didn't want to move, :P cute ones. Up there we saw snow!!! It's pretty amazing that it can still be snow up there when it has been around 25 degrees for a long time now!

Today me and two guys from the staff went biking to the Revellata Peninsula. It was a very bumpy trip cause the roads over there are full of rocks, but it was fun and a bit hard! At the end of Revellata we were jumping, swimming and snorkeling in the water. It's cool there cause the water is very clear so you can see the bottom far away down. But I was standing on some cliffs in the water with some sharp seashells on and then there came a wave and swept me away in the water a little bit. It wasn't really dangerous, I just got a little bit scared (due to earlier experiences) and I hurt my foot on the sharp cliffs/seashells. It was bleeding a lot for a long time but I hope it will be good soon. "What doesn't break you only makes you strong, that's the secret!"

Now it's time to go to sleep!
See u laters alligators!

La Corse, 22 août


Yesterday I received an e-mail from École Suisse de Ski & Snowboard des Diablerets and they said that I can come back next winter and work the whole season!!! I'M SOO HAPPY!!! It's almost too good to be true. It's just INCREDIBLE that I'm gonna go there again and work with those people!! I wanna go there NOW cause I miss them A LOT! And it's soo much better in Les Diablerets than it is here. But it's just a few months left. I can't wait!!! Last night I almost couldn't sleep because I had so much energy cause I was so happy! :)
Miss you there in la Suisse!!!!!!!

Take care everyone in Swizerland and everywhere else!

La Corse, 17 août

Salut tout le monde!

Such an amazing start of my day!!! With that start, it's impossible to have a bad day! Now it's like that really again that I wanna be with other people... The "bad" thing is that I don't miss them less when I talk to them...

Today I've done almost just "good" stuff. I've cleaned the whole personal floor, hoovered my own room, done the laundry and then I went to a hairdresser to cut my hair. It was a special kind of hairdresser I think, maybe it was normal here though... But instead of using a pair of scissors, he used a shaver quite a lot. I guess that was quicker, so a pretty good idea. :) And then I was standing up for a bit when he cut my hair, I've never done that at a hairdresser before. But it didn't take long time, only 20 minutes. I really like the result. My hair is short now, I think he cut almost 10 cm... But I like my hair short, especially in the summer when it's warm outside. And I can tell you, it's very hot here! Why can't it just be winter or at least late autumn tomorrow and I can be in Switzerland???

That's all for now. Maybe I won't answer if you ask me any questions about my blogg, cause I just write what's in my mind for the moment... But ask me anyway and maybe I'll answer. :)


La Corse, 11 août

Today I was hiking for about 5 hours! I started at the hotel in the middle of the day and at first I walked up to a small church, Notre Dame de la Serra with a Madonna-statue. It's a very nice view from up there! It took about 40 minutes up there. Then I countinued to the Cross, Capu di a Veta. It was a pretty long and steep way up with a bit of climbing in the end. It was hard sometimes but it was really worth it, cause the view was awesome!!! I could see the whole Calvi and a long way from there too, for example the airport and the Revellata "half-island". It took about 1 hour and 20 minutes there from the church. I found a cool rock with a whole that I took a picture of. And it's still possible to see the snow on the mountains!!! The way down was a bit slippery sometimes but not too hard. I walked another way down so I didn't pass the church. I came to a road instead and then some houses. The road there was really long and I didn't know where it would end but it ended close to the supermarket, and I was happy about that cause I was really hungry. From the start at the hotel (including a fast trip to Super U, a supermarket) up to the cross and then down all the way to the other supermarket took 5 hours. It was a long and nice walk, neither too easy nor too hard. I really enjoyed it!

Some pictures from the walk:

Earlier in the day I went for my morning walk and then I did some "muscle training". So tomorrow I'm gonna rest my body, I think it needs that...

Good night everybody and sleep well! At least I'm gonna do that after this day! :)

La Corse, 6 août



Today I was on Canyoning. It was AWESOME!! So Fun!! For those who don't know what canyoning is I'm gonna explain that. You're wearing a wet suit, a plastic diaper, shoes and a helmet. Then you're walking in a river. Along the way there are jumps, slides and caves that you go through. The jumps were from 2 to about 8 meters high. I didn't do the second highest jump but the highest! :) I was standing there on the rock and saw the water about 8 meters underneath me. I was so scared but I know from before that I get angry with myself and regret it if I don't dare to do some things... And I knew I could do it cause everyone else could. The guide said to me, at 3 you'll jump. He started to count but I wasn't ready. So I swallowed once and when he started to count again and said 3 I jumped!! It was SOO COOL! I think I had some kind of sitting position in the air but that didn't really matter, cause it's ok to land in no matter what position in the water - believe me, I know. It was a little bit heavy to swim in shoes but not at all as heavy as with skiboots and skis. :P When we went underneath the rocks, it was like caves, I really missed the caving at Beacon Lodge in USA last year. Caving there was really fun, I love it! I especially miss the time when it was me and two gay guys and only two campers. We counsellors discussed who was the most "girly" one of us three. And I was the least one, after the two guys! That was such a good time!! Unfourtunately it's not possible to take pictures during the canyoning if you don't have a waterproof camera, and I don't. During the bus trip to and from the canyoning and a bit there I was one of two guides, on the bus I was guide alone! It was fun, my first "real" guide job. :)

After the canyoning I realised that I'm not made to be an "office girl", sitting at a desk inside all day long. So after these months I'm gonna do my best to get an outdoor and active job and keep that kind of job for all my life!

Since I couldn't take any pictures at the canyoning I'm gonna show some from my amazing time in Les Diablerets, last winter! The first one is La Quille, such a beautiful place with a soo cosy restaurant!! The second one is me, in the powder! :)

Btw they are playing Leva Livet with Gyllene Tider in the bar now! Great song, in Swedish... :P

After this great day I need some sleep, and tomorrow I'm going on a bike trip!
Bonne nuit!
Take care you and everybody else!!!

La Corse, 24 juillet

Here are some pictures:

Me with Calvi and the Citadell in the background.

My travel company, a very cute dog!

A statue in Calvi on the national day of France, Le Quatorze Juillet.

Me and Simba, he was SOO cute! Looks like he wanted to bite me...

Ile Rousse.

View over the mountains outside Calvi.

My favourite beach here. So calm and so beauiful!

A dolphin jumping in the waves, amazing!

Scandola nature reservat.

Scandola with it's nice blue water.

The water here is soo cool, a very nice blue colour and unbelivably clear!

The red rocks of Scandola.

A rock that looks like a face on the right side with eyes, nose and mouth.

Me swimming in the very beautiful water!

And at last some bubbles in the water made from the boat, pretty cool picture I think.

Enjoy and don't be afraid to make a comment! :)

La Corse, 22 juillet


English today too...
It has been a while since I wrote the last time and I've done quite a lot of things since.

I'm working pretty much but when I'm not, I go a lot by bike to discover new places and it's also a nice way to go. So far I've gone to or on the way to Ile Rousse, where Langley also have a hotel. Once I went to the beaches of Saint-Restitude and San Ambroggio, and then back pass Lumio and to Calvi. I went to Sainte-Restitude to go and get a pair of sandals that belonged to a client. Later on I received a body lotion as a thank you for getting them. :) Quite a lot of the way this day I had travel company, a small black dog. He/She was so cute and wanted to go with me. When I stopped, he stopped. When I turned, he turned. But in San Ambroggio he saw some other dogs and started to play with them and then didn't come so after a while I went away. And it was good that he didn't join me anymore cause I went back on the big road. But I want to see him again cause he was so cute and friendly.

Another day I went all the way to Ile Rousse, about 22 km one way. I stopped in different places to go swimming, shopping and eating. Ile Rousse is a nice town/village but is pretty messy and feels more like a big city than Calvi, so I like Calvi more, it's more cosy here. :) On the way back from Ile Rousse I went shopping a bit, e.g.  2 pair of shoes, for a good price - maybe not with good quality, but they work so far.

Yesterday I went to Lumio and then to a beach. This beach is my favourite one here so far. It has only rocks so it's a bit difficult to walk there and into the water, but it's very beautiful there. There is not a lot of people, barely anyone, so it's like being in the middle of nowhere, but on the same time you can look along the coast and see "everything", really cool! I like when it's quiet and peaceful and not too crowded so this is was a very nice place in the world. :)

In the end of my bike tour yesterday I went to a circus, Ricardo Zavatta. The quality of the circus was ok but not too much more. But they had lions there and it was really cool to see them, such big cats. :) In the break of the circus it was possible to get a picture together with their baby  lion, Simba. It was pretty expenxsive so at first I didn't wanna do it but then I thougt that this is probably the first, last and only time I will hold and pat a lion. So I got a picture, or actually 2, and since I'm grown-up I could hold him on my own. He was SOOOOOOOO cute, adorable. :) And he had a pretty cool fur, a bit wolly.

Today I had a whole free day so I went on the Scandola boattrip together with our guests. It was a bit working and I had my staff shirt on, but I could go for free so it didn't bother me. I thought it would be beautiful but nothing more, but it was fabulous!!! So cool nature! The water was so clear so you could see the bottom where the depth was 15 m! And the shapes of the rocks were amazing too! We were really lucky, cause on the way there, we saw dolphins!!! It was like the third time of the whole season they saw them. And this time they were going "with" the boat, they were jumping and swimming in the waves right after the boat, REALLY COOL!!! They were gorgeous!! The whole trip was very good thanks to the amazing nature and the good people that was there. I swam in the clear water a bit, very nice.

That's all from me for today. Take care of you and everyone around you and make the best and the things you want out of your life! Cause life's what YOU make it!

I will upload the pictures another day cause it doesn't work today.. :/

Good night!

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