La Corse, 11 août

Today I was hiking for about 5 hours! I started at the hotel in the middle of the day and at first I walked up to a small church, Notre Dame de la Serra with a Madonna-statue. It's a very nice view from up there! It took about 40 minutes up there. Then I countinued to the Cross, Capu di a Veta. It was a pretty long and steep way up with a bit of climbing in the end. It was hard sometimes but it was really worth it, cause the view was awesome!!! I could see the whole Calvi and a long way from there too, for example the airport and the Revellata "half-island". It took about 1 hour and 20 minutes there from the church. I found a cool rock with a whole that I took a picture of. And it's still possible to see the snow on the mountains!!! The way down was a bit slippery sometimes but not too hard. I walked another way down so I didn't pass the church. I came to a road instead and then some houses. The road there was really long and I didn't know where it would end but it ended close to the supermarket, and I was happy about that cause I was really hungry. From the start at the hotel (including a fast trip to Super U, a supermarket) up to the cross and then down all the way to the other supermarket took 5 hours. It was a long and nice walk, neither too easy nor too hard. I really enjoyed it!

Some pictures from the walk:

Earlier in the day I went for my morning walk and then I did some "muscle training". So tomorrow I'm gonna rest my body, I think it needs that...

Good night everybody and sleep well! At least I'm gonna do that after this day! :)

Postat av: Elina

Ser riktigt fint ut!!!

2009-08-16 @ 00:03:09

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