La Corse, 17 août

Salut tout le monde!

Such an amazing start of my day!!! With that start, it's impossible to have a bad day! Now it's like that really again that I wanna be with other people... The "bad" thing is that I don't miss them less when I talk to them...

Today I've done almost just "good" stuff. I've cleaned the whole personal floor, hoovered my own room, done the laundry and then I went to a hairdresser to cut my hair. It was a special kind of hairdresser I think, maybe it was normal here though... But instead of using a pair of scissors, he used a shaver quite a lot. I guess that was quicker, so a pretty good idea. :) And then I was standing up for a bit when he cut my hair, I've never done that at a hairdresser before. But it didn't take long time, only 20 minutes. I really like the result. My hair is short now, I think he cut almost 10 cm... But I like my hair short, especially in the summer when it's warm outside. And I can tell you, it's very hot here! Why can't it just be winter or at least late autumn tomorrow and I can be in Switzerland???

That's all for now. Maybe I won't answer if you ask me any questions about my blogg, cause I just write what's in my mind for the moment... But ask me anyway and maybe I'll answer. :)



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