La Corse, 26 août


Last Friday the staff here at Hôtel Méditerranée went out for a few hours to do some activities together. First we climbed and then we went on a walk with questions along the way, so called Tipspromenad. The climbing was really fun, I really liked it! I had never done that before but I would like to do it more. The Tipspromenad was pretty difficult, but I won first price! I won a photo frame with two photos of me and then about 100 more photos from that day. I was very happy about the price!

Yesterday I went climbing Via Ferrata, it's when you climb and you fasten yourself all the time and you climp by holding onto metall things that are stuck in the mountain. I think I ad too high expectations or it was too easy for me cause I thought I would like it more than I actually did. But it was fun! Unfourtunately the hard one was closed due to thunder storms warning. On the way down from the top, we went Tyrotreking. It's a so called linbana (aerial cableway). It went pretty fast, high above the fround, there were quite a lot of them and they were pretty long so I really liked it!!!! Very fun! When we came down I went swimming in the melt water! So nice!! Cold and sweet water!! :) At the end of the day we went up to the start of Monte Cinto. Along the way there were some cows and calves that didn't want to move, :P cute ones. Up there we saw snow!!! It's pretty amazing that it can still be snow up there when it has been around 25 degrees for a long time now!

Today me and two guys from the staff went biking to the Revellata Peninsula. It was a very bumpy trip cause the roads over there are full of rocks, but it was fun and a bit hard! At the end of Revellata we were jumping, swimming and snorkeling in the water. It's cool there cause the water is very clear so you can see the bottom far away down. But I was standing on some cliffs in the water with some sharp seashells on and then there came a wave and swept me away in the water a little bit. It wasn't really dangerous, I just got a little bit scared (due to earlier experiences) and I hurt my foot on the sharp cliffs/seashells. It was bleeding a lot for a long time but I hope it will be good soon. "What doesn't break you only makes you strong, that's the secret!"

Now it's time to go to sleep!
See u laters alligators!


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