La Corse, 6 août



Today I was on Canyoning. It was AWESOME!! So Fun!! For those who don't know what canyoning is I'm gonna explain that. You're wearing a wet suit, a plastic diaper, shoes and a helmet. Then you're walking in a river. Along the way there are jumps, slides and caves that you go through. The jumps were from 2 to about 8 meters high. I didn't do the second highest jump but the highest! :) I was standing there on the rock and saw the water about 8 meters underneath me. I was so scared but I know from before that I get angry with myself and regret it if I don't dare to do some things... And I knew I could do it cause everyone else could. The guide said to me, at 3 you'll jump. He started to count but I wasn't ready. So I swallowed once and when he started to count again and said 3 I jumped!! It was SOO COOL! I think I had some kind of sitting position in the air but that didn't really matter, cause it's ok to land in no matter what position in the water - believe me, I know. It was a little bit heavy to swim in shoes but not at all as heavy as with skiboots and skis. :P When we went underneath the rocks, it was like caves, I really missed the caving at Beacon Lodge in USA last year. Caving there was really fun, I love it! I especially miss the time when it was me and two gay guys and only two campers. We counsellors discussed who was the most "girly" one of us three. And I was the least one, after the two guys! That was such a good time!! Unfourtunately it's not possible to take pictures during the canyoning if you don't have a waterproof camera, and I don't. During the bus trip to and from the canyoning and a bit there I was one of two guides, on the bus I was guide alone! It was fun, my first "real" guide job. :)

After the canyoning I realised that I'm not made to be an "office girl", sitting at a desk inside all day long. So after these months I'm gonna do my best to get an outdoor and active job and keep that kind of job for all my life!

Since I couldn't take any pictures at the canyoning I'm gonna show some from my amazing time in Les Diablerets, last winter! The first one is La Quille, such a beautiful place with a soo cosy restaurant!! The second one is me, in the powder! :)

Btw they are playing Leva Livet with Gyllene Tider in the bar now! Great song, in Swedish... :P

After this great day I need some sleep, and tomorrow I'm going on a bike trip!
Bonne nuit!
Take care you and everybody else!!!


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