La Corse, 24 juillet

Here are some pictures:

Me with Calvi and the Citadell in the background.

My travel company, a very cute dog!

A statue in Calvi on the national day of France, Le Quatorze Juillet.

Me and Simba, he was SOO cute! Looks like he wanted to bite me...

Ile Rousse.

View over the mountains outside Calvi.

My favourite beach here. So calm and so beauiful!

A dolphin jumping in the waves, amazing!

Scandola nature reservat.

Scandola with it's nice blue water.

The water here is soo cool, a very nice blue colour and unbelivably clear!

The red rocks of Scandola.

A rock that looks like a face on the right side with eyes, nose and mouth.

Me swimming in the very beautiful water!

And at last some bubbles in the water made from the boat, pretty cool picture I think.

Enjoy and don't be afraid to make a comment! :)

Postat av: Elina

Ser jättehärligt ut! Och vilken gullig lejonunge :)

2009-07-25 @ 21:15:34

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