La Corse, 2 octobre

Salut tout le monde!

I’ve now booked some of my flight tickets home. I will come to Sweden the 18th of October. That makes it just a little more than two weeks left here on Corsica. Actually, I’m looking forward to go home. 4 months on Corsica is enough for me. And then it’s not a long time left until I’ll go to Switzerland!!! Miss y’all over there!!

Two days ago I did something that has been some of the best I’ve done on Corsica, I went biking to Galéria. First there were two guys from the staff here who were gonna go too but they in the morning when we were supposed to go they didn’t wanna wake up. So I went at 8:15 by myself south along the coast. That way was just AMAZING! Quiet – almost no cars and no people, peaceful, calm, beautiful nature, small narrow turning roads, not too warm and just wonderful! It was just me and the nature and I love that feeling! So far from being in a big city…
In Galéria I wanted to paddle kayak on the Fango river but that place had already closed for the season, but after I went swimming in Fango instead I paddled kayak on the Mediterranean Sea. Just me and a kayak in the middle of the ocean. :) I thought there were too many and too high waves at first but then I got used to it. I was out there for about an hour. The man who I rented the kayak from asked me “Tu viens de quel region?” I answered “La Suède.” And then he said “Ah, tu parles très bien francais!” I guess that he at first thought that I was French. It’s very cool but at the same time weird that they don’t here that I’m not from France. :) I also had 2 ice creams in Galéria, one Solero Smoothie, very good! And then a Magnum Classic, chocolate is always good.
On the way back to Calvi I wanted to go another way, inside the country. The kayak-man said that there was a Col there so I knew it would be hard. I asked him if it was long and tough and he said “Tu arrive…” But it didn’t seem that I would do more than that. But I took that road anyway and there were some small slopes and than I saw it, Col de Marsulino. It was the longest and hardest/slowest (trögaste) uphill slope I’ve ever been bicycling in. But finally I made it all the way up to the top at 443 meters above sea level! On the way down it was very nice, but cold! It took 10 minutes to go down about 400 altitude meters! Then I came back to the hotel at 19:45.
Pictures will come later.
It took about two and a half hour each way with the bike, in my calm speed. :) And it was around 70 km altogether! No, I didn't have "exercising pain" in my legs the day after.
I’m so happy that I did this trip cause it was a very fun and beautiful trip, AMAZING!

Now I definitely have an apartment in Les Diablerets, finally. It seems to be very cosy with two floors. The rent is high but that’s life...
There is place for four persons there so maybe there will come some people to visit me during the winter! Ask me if you want to come! :)

Take care all of YOU!
Hugs to YOU!


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