La Corse, 11 septembre

Hello everybody!

Today it's 8 years ago since the disaster of World Trade Center. 8 years! Time pasts so fast... But for the moment that's good!

Well, not more sad things now. My parents will come tomorrow. They're gonna stay here for a week. Each time they have visited me abroad where I've been working it has been the week with the worst weather during the whole season. So I'm not expecting anything else than rainy, windy and cold. But it's gotta change some time... Let's see.

Yesterday I went Canyoning again! Really fun!! It was about 15 degrees in the water so we were wearing long wetsuits this time. It was a bit cold anyway. You feel a bit not good-looking when you're wearing these long ones, and it feels pretty weird to walk in them but, that's cool. :) And as always it's nice to talk to the guide on the way back and get to know how they live. :) This is how I look in wetsuit, plastic diaper and helmet!

I'm trying to find some place to stay in Diablerets but it's pretty hard. So if someone has any idea, please let me know. I'm so excited to be there for the whole season and work with these AMAZING people! Special hugs to you guys!!!

Good night! Time to sleep for me now. A long and fun day is waiting tomorrow, the transfer day of Saturday!
Take care!


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