La Corse, 21 septembre

Salut tout le monde!

Half a year, that's WAY to much!!! I really hope it won't ever be that long again! :)

Last year my parents were here so I had a luxurous week, but very unhealthy. But that's gonna change now. About one month left here, one month of exercising, eating healthy food and just feel good! The result's gotta be really good, I can imagine...

For each day that goes, there is one day less until I'll go to SWITZERLAND!

Harbour now and then bed!
Take care!
Miss U!

Postat av: Thomas

Time goes by very quick on Corsica, to me it feels like we met you last week.


2009-09-26 @ 21:35:25
Postat av: Emma

well, it was about one week ago :P and it's good that time goes fast down here... I like that you're writing in english so everybody can understand :)

2009-09-28 @ 21:49:39

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