Les Diablerets, 22 mai 2010

Now I'm in the wonderful Les Diablerets, the place where everything and nothing happens. :) A very fun place to be at with the most amazing people!
I came here the 1st of December 2009, was skiing every day until the 19th of January, when I turned my knee and broked a crossed ligament and the interior ligament in my knee. I stayed here, had an operation, a lot of rehabilitation and baking cookies until the middle of April. The day before I was gonna go back to Sweden I made a phone call for a work position, had an interview with the boss, and got the job! So after 16 days in Sweden I made my way back to the amazing place of Les Diablerets, Vaud, Switzerland, Europe, Tellus!
I'm working as a cable car driver at the Glacier3000. http://www.glacier3000.ch/ for you who are interested. It's a nice job with funny guests and just crazy and amazing personnel. :)
From where I staying to work it's about 6 km and almost 400 altitude metres. Normally I go with someone who's working either on the Glacier or in Gstaad. But today I walked by foot instead!
My morning walk started at 6h23 and pain in my left leg for the first half an hour. But as I thought the pain disappeared when I came to the soft ground. And then it was just walking and walking, pretty quickly cause I felt like I was a bit late. At 7h11 I came to a sign that says Col du Pillon (where I start my work in the mornings) 1h 10 min. When I walked this way another time it took more than the estimated time. But this time it took only 42 min!! So at 07h53 I reached my goal. I didn't think I would arrive before 8h00 but I did, so I was kinda proud of myself. Then I could sit and take a break, eat breakfast and chat a bit with the people who are going up to the top at 8h00. I really enjoyed this walk! It's an amazing way to start the day! And yes, the weather was on my side, the rest of the day too. Sunshine, barely no wind and just amazing! I spent quite a lot of minutes lying on a bench in the sun today. Good work I have! :)
It's soon time to go to bed, cause tomorrow I'm doing my morning walk to work again! I hope I can avoid the pain in my leg then.
Bis später!
Big hugs from me!

Postat av: Elina

Kul att du har börjat blogga igen! Inte ett enda ord på franska, men två på tyska, det trodde jag inte :) Lycka till med promenaden i morgon!

2010-05-22 @ 23:23:00

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