La Corse, 24 juillet

Here are some pictures:

Me with Calvi and the Citadell in the background.

My travel company, a very cute dog!

A statue in Calvi on the national day of France, Le Quatorze Juillet.

Me and Simba, he was SOO cute! Looks like he wanted to bite me...

Ile Rousse.

View over the mountains outside Calvi.

My favourite beach here. So calm and so beauiful!

A dolphin jumping in the waves, amazing!

Scandola nature reservat.

Scandola with it's nice blue water.

The water here is soo cool, a very nice blue colour and unbelivably clear!

The red rocks of Scandola.

A rock that looks like a face on the right side with eyes, nose and mouth.

Me swimming in the very beautiful water!

And at last some bubbles in the water made from the boat, pretty cool picture I think.

Enjoy and don't be afraid to make a comment! :)

La Corse, 22 juillet


English today too...
It has been a while since I wrote the last time and I've done quite a lot of things since.

I'm working pretty much but when I'm not, I go a lot by bike to discover new places and it's also a nice way to go. So far I've gone to or on the way to Ile Rousse, where Langley also have a hotel. Once I went to the beaches of Saint-Restitude and San Ambroggio, and then back pass Lumio and to Calvi. I went to Sainte-Restitude to go and get a pair of sandals that belonged to a client. Later on I received a body lotion as a thank you for getting them. :) Quite a lot of the way this day I had travel company, a small black dog. He/She was so cute and wanted to go with me. When I stopped, he stopped. When I turned, he turned. But in San Ambroggio he saw some other dogs and started to play with them and then didn't come so after a while I went away. And it was good that he didn't join me anymore cause I went back on the big road. But I want to see him again cause he was so cute and friendly.

Another day I went all the way to Ile Rousse, about 22 km one way. I stopped in different places to go swimming, shopping and eating. Ile Rousse is a nice town/village but is pretty messy and feels more like a big city than Calvi, so I like Calvi more, it's more cosy here. :) On the way back from Ile Rousse I went shopping a bit, e.g.  2 pair of shoes, for a good price - maybe not with good quality, but they work so far.

Yesterday I went to Lumio and then to a beach. This beach is my favourite one here so far. It has only rocks so it's a bit difficult to walk there and into the water, but it's very beautiful there. There is not a lot of people, barely anyone, so it's like being in the middle of nowhere, but on the same time you can look along the coast and see "everything", really cool! I like when it's quiet and peaceful and not too crowded so this is was a very nice place in the world. :)

In the end of my bike tour yesterday I went to a circus, Ricardo Zavatta. The quality of the circus was ok but not too much more. But they had lions there and it was really cool to see them, such big cats. :) In the break of the circus it was possible to get a picture together with their baby  lion, Simba. It was pretty expenxsive so at first I didn't wanna do it but then I thougt that this is probably the first, last and only time I will hold and pat a lion. So I got a picture, or actually 2, and since I'm grown-up I could hold him on my own. He was SOOOOOOOO cute, adorable. :) And he had a pretty cool fur, a bit wolly.

Today I had a whole free day so I went on the Scandola boattrip together with our guests. It was a bit working and I had my staff shirt on, but I could go for free so it didn't bother me. I thought it would be beautiful but nothing more, but it was fabulous!!! So cool nature! The water was so clear so you could see the bottom where the depth was 15 m! And the shapes of the rocks were amazing too! We were really lucky, cause on the way there, we saw dolphins!!! It was like the third time of the whole season they saw them. And this time they were going "with" the boat, they were jumping and swimming in the waves right after the boat, REALLY COOL!!! They were gorgeous!! The whole trip was very good thanks to the amazing nature and the good people that was there. I swam in the clear water a bit, very nice.

That's all from me for today. Take care of you and everyone around you and make the best and the things you want out of your life! Cause life's what YOU make it!

I will upload the pictures another day cause it doesn't work today.. :/

Good night!

La Corse, 14 juillet

Hey everybody!
Today I'm gonna write in English, hope that's okey for y'all. :)

It's Le Quatorze Juillet today = The national day of France. Not a really good day for me though. It started during the night when I was at Acapulco, a club outside of Calvi. That was fun. The bad thing about it was that I was there so late in the night, so I didn't go to bed until 4.15 am. I slept for about 4 hours and then I went for my morning walk and breakfast. Then I slept in my bed for another hour and after that I went to the beach where I either slept (for 2 hours) or thought it was too hot. So I didn't really do anything with my day until 4 pm. The day just felt so worthless. I was here in Calvi and didn't really like anything at that point and I realised that could be in other places with other people = a LOT better. There's nothing wrong with the people or anything here, it's just that it could be SOO much better - probably not here but in other places in the world. But this is my "preparing time" for my life in the future so I'll just keep on working with that. Calvi is a good place for that, it's just that I have to get a bit more disciplined. But I'll fix it!
A part of that was my running today. It started pretty good, just a little bit too hot. But on the way back I happened to touch a cactus and I got about 30 taggs in my leg. After quite a while, with some help from the sea, I finally got them out.
After all this hasn't been a too good day for me, and since I don't believe in coincidences I don't think I'm supposed to be French! ;)

Now there are fireworks celebrating La Fête Nationale!


La Corse, 11 juillet

Salut tout le monde!

Aujourd'hui c'est samedi et le jour de transfer. Beaucoup de gens vont partir pour la Nordique et autre vont venir pour leur vacances. C'est le plus long jour chez nous à l'hôtel, du tôt matin au tard soir. Mais j'aime bien les samedis. On rencontre beaucoup de nouveaux gens qui on va parler avec et aider pendant la semaine. :)

Il y a deux jours j'ai été à un petit hospital parce que j'avais fait mal aux oreilles pendant plus d'un mois. Et j'ai une
inflammation d'oreille. :( Je vais prendre des médicament pendant quelques jours et je vais éviter à mettre de l'eau dans mes oreilles pendant une semaine. C'est un peu difficile quand je prends une douche. Mais ca doit marcher! :)

Autrement tout est bien ici, il fait chaud et souvent il fait du soleil.

 ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Idag är det lördag och transferdag. Mycket folk som åker hem till Norden och många som kommer hit för sin semester. Det är den längsta dagen för oss här på hotellet, från tidig morgon till sen kväll.

Nu får ni läsa resten på franska! :P

Hade bra!
Prenez soin de vous!

La Corse, 2 juillet


Aujourd'hui je suis montée (et descendu) la montagne le plus haut de la Corse, Monte Cinto 2706 m. On était six personnes qui est parti pour le station à 1500 m ou on a commencé le randonné. La monté était très dur parce qu'on l'a fait vite et c'était raide, et ca a pris 3 heures et 50 minutes pour monter jusq'au sommet et la crosse. En haute la vue était très belle!! Puis la descende était difficile et un peu dangereus, parce que c'était des pierres roulant. Presque partout ou on a marché il y avait des pierres, dans tous tailles, dès petits petits à grand et des rochers. Dans quelques endroits c'était mouillé aussi et glaissant. J'ai jamais vu aussi plein des pierres la meme fois comme ici! Et il y avait de neige là!!! On a marché pendant 7 heures et 58 minutes. Tout l'aventure était très marrant et je l'aimait très bien!

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Moi au sommet de Monte Cinto, 2706 m. / Jag på toppen av Monte Cinto, 2706 m.

La vue avec les montagnes et la NEIGE! / Utsikt över berg och SNÖ!

Je suis très heureuse quand je vois la neige pendant l'été :) / Jag blir väldigt glad när jag får se snö mitt i sommaren :)

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Idag har jag gått uppför (och nerför) Korsikas högsta berg, Monte Cinto 2706 m. Vi var sex personer som åkte till basstationen på 1500 m där vi började vår vandring. När vi gick uppför var det väldigt jobbigt för vi gick snabbt och det var brant, och det tog 3 timmar och 50 minuter upp till toppen och korset. Där uppe på höga höjder var det jättefin utsikt!! Sedan när vi gick nerför var det väldigt svårt och lite farligt, för det var mycket rullande stenar och grus. Nästan överallt där man gick var det stenar, i alla storlekar, allt ifrån smått grus till stora stenar och klippor. På en ställen var det blött och halt också. Jag har aldrig sett så mycket stenar på én och samma gång innan som jag gjorde här! Och det fanns snö där också!! Vi gick sammanlagt i 7 timmar och 58 minuter. Hela äventyret gillade jag och det var väldigt kul!

Bonne nuit après une longe et dur journée avec un corps fatigué!
Gonatt efter en lång och jobbig dag med en trött kropp!
À bientôt!

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